About the Study

This study will confirm the Recommended Plan for Highway 7 in Perth as part of the Ministry’s ongoing review of safety and operational needs for the provincial highway network.

The study follows a process defined in Ontario Ministry of Transportation's Class Environmental Assessment Process for Provincial Transportation Facilities. This is an approved process for highway planning, design, and construction projects. The study is following the Group ‘B’ process which is completed for major improvements to existing provincial transportation facilities. This includes highway improvements that identify significant widening of the highway footprint (e.g., widening or intersection improvements).

The 2009 Transportation Environmental Study Report will be updated to consider new environmental conditions, engineering standards, government policies, design alternatives, and mitigation measures. As part of this process, 2009 Recommended Plan will be updated, and a new Roundabout Plan considered. Both alternatives will be developed to a level of detail adequate for evaluation and comparison.

At the end of the study, a Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) Addendum will be completed, if required, and filed for a 30-day Public Review Period. The TESR Addendum will summarize the study process, including a description of the project and its purpose, the consultation process, specific environmental effects and mitigation measures, the generation and evaluation of alternatives, and the confirmation of a recommended plan.